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About Me

Scott Prokop specializes in Real Estate, Architectural and Commercial photography along with a passion for capturing vibrant and captivating images that he sells in his Signature Print collection and also for online Stock Sales.

Scott services the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan area with his Real Estate and Architectural images. His website REPics.ca (Real Estate Pics) is a dedicated site where he shares his listing photos along his top photos in his Portfolio area. Scott Prokop specializes in architectural photography for professionals in all aspects of real estate: interior designers, architects, builders, stagers, realtors, marketers and homeowners. He has photographed many private homes and offices. His understanding of composition, lighting, and attention to detail are evident in his work.

Scott Prokop Photography takes the time to understand the objective of your Commercial and Industrial Photography requirements. Photography is an important component in telling your company’s story to your existing and prospective customers. Those customers seek out and are influenced by dynamic images that provide an immediate and lasting impact and show your company in its best light. We provide an end-to-end solution so that you do not get bogged down with photo image manipulation.

The other interesting side of Scott is that he comes from a graphics and IT background. When he worked for the corporate world, he would describe himself as an “IT geek by day and photographer by night”. Scott Prokop is based in Saskatoon but is ready to service your photographic needs around the world.

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Artist Statement

Scott Prokop’s work explores the relationship between being artistically inspired and technically excellent.

With influences as diverse as Ansel Adams and Trey Ratcliff, new synergies are generated from both the traditional roots of photography and modern techniques of the digital age.

Over the past 15 years Scott has created a library of photographs that have evoked an emotional response each time he clicked the shutter. Scott’s best artistic images are reserved for his Signature Print Collection and the majority of the other images are sold on stock agencies around the world. His photographic services for the commercial and real estate industries gives his clients professional images that help them stand out from the competition.

Scott’s goal is to create top quality captivating photographs. To satisfy his creativity he needs to work on his photographs after the moment after the click on the camera. For him, the creative aspect of photography starts after the image has been recorded by the camera. He feels that a computer and software in the digital darkroom is not merely a shortcut for what is possible with a camera, but instead it allows him to discover the artist inside which is possible in no other medium.

He loves capturing real life in real light and telling stories through the art of photography. Scott’s ongoing mission is to explore the limits of the camera, to constantly strive for new solutions and ultimately to create images that inspire, evoke emotion, and provoke thought.

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