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I offer a complete range of drone photography and drone videography services in Saskatoon as well as across Saskatchewan. Our company utilizes cutting edge equipment, employs the most skilled drone pilots and follows the highest standards for safety and legal compliance. Whether you need UAV photo or UAV video service, our Saskatoon based company is the right choice.

Real Estate

Marketing a real estate property is one of the most difficult things to do in business today.

The competition is brutal, partly because online listings generate most of the leads.

Almost every property buyer today begins her search online. So, it can be really hard to stand out from the pack.

Drone Photography

The use of drones in real estate has opened up new ways to showcase a property. Reaching new heights, you can now expose views that buyers couldn't before see. Is the property close to recreational areas, attractions, school etc? Drone photos are a perfect way to highlight this.

It's not just about flying. We edit your drone photos to ensure they look their best. Examples of common edits we may provide include:

- HDR Merging Sky Replacements

- Color Correction

- Object Removal

Using drones to market a property have been shown to help agents to sell faster and gain more listings. Perhaps this is why high volume real estate agents use aerial photography 3.5 times more often.


Transport Canada Certified RPAS PIlot

I am certified with a Pilot Certificate for Small Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) for Basic Operations by Transport Canada. My drones are registered and meet all safety standards required.

UAV / Drone Training Course

I also took the Drone Flight Training School by Canadian Unmanned Incorporated. This 2.5 daycourse is compliant with training requirements set out by Transport Canada for operators of small UAV's under 25 kg in weight for visual line of sight operations.

Course covers the following topics that are identified as knowledge requirements by Transport Canada:

- Aerodynamics

- Air law and Regulations

  - Airspace classification and structure

  - Interpretation of Aeronautical charts and Canada Flight Supplement

- Communications

  - Industry Canada Restricted Operator Certificate Air ROC (A)

- Weather

  - Reporting Services

  - Notam organization and reporting

- Basic UAS 101 with industry updates

- Lessons learned and field operating tips

Industry Canada Radio Qualification

I received instruction for an Industry Canada Restricted Radio Operators License (Air) ROC (A). Upon the successful completion of the radio exam, I received a radio license, which allows me to operate and monitor aviation band frequencies.

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